Thursday, May 03, 2007

Between Game Banter

Finally, normalcy. It seems like eons since the game was the main story. Solid pitching from Pettitte, big hits from Giambi and Matsui, bullpen to Rivera, game over. For the first time in two weeks the Yankees have a winning streak, albeit two.

The formula for this win was for shakier than it sounds. The part with the bullpen getting to Rivera involved another terrible outing for Luiz Vizcaino. He blew the lead Pettitte handed over with a homer by Jerry Hairston. The same Jerry Hairston with no homers since July 2005. Then in the eighth, Bobby Abreu, our third hitter, a spot usually designated for the best hitter on the team, was squaring to bunt with the go ahead run on base, but eventually continued his slump without moving the runner over. Even the clutch, go-ahead hit by Matsui later in the inning was tainted by Giambi’s appalling base running. Giambi not scoring on that double is inexcusable.

However, not all is lost. Rivera was back to his old self, and Farnsworth surprisingly had an easy eighth, Giambi keeps hitting, and Matsui picked up a few hits.

Still, this game brings to light more burning questions. Why did Torre pull Pettitte after six? His last inning was his best, he was pitching good, did not have a particularly stressful outing, let him go seven. Then what is the pecking order in the bullpen before Rivera? He is obviously sticking with Farnsworth for now, but why Vizcaino over Bruney and Proctor?

Problems aside, New York got a miraculous win, given they were sans the glorified Strength and Conditioning Coach. Clearly they overcame a major hurdle there (insert sarcasm).

Lets play two!


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