Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cut Some Slack

The New York papers need to leave A-Rod alone outside the ballpark. The Post and Daily News writers are paid to cover the Yankees baseball team, not the personal lives of the players. Yes, some things are fair game, especially if they affect the team or players performance. Who someone goes to dinner with, or what stores a player shops in, should not be front page news.
The Daily News following Rodriguez around with his wife and child breaks unwritten journalism rules for invasion of privacy. These two tabloids continue to one up each other, following the Post's front page picture of A-Rod with another woman, in the process the newspapers are starting to look more like People Magazine.

A-Rod has all the right in the world to publicly rip these newspapers, though he will not. Maybe a teammate or front office person will step in to comment. In the midst of this personal scrutiny, give A-Rod all the credit in the world for his performance. As if delivering a big "Take That" to the world, A-Rod hit three ninth inning homers last week, including the game winner at Fenway.

As the stats continue piling up, and the press continues its personal scrutiny, the likelihood A-Rod opts out and heads West grows.


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