Saturday, May 26, 2007

Big Stein Speaks

In NY Sports it’s the equivalent of the President giving his State of the Union address. The media goes into a frenzy, the fans start to speculate, and everyone involved with the team is either relieved or feeling the heat. When The Boss speaks, everyone listens.

Yesterdays exclusive interview with the AP was no exception. Steinbrenner was authoritative, but not threatening. I love his statements and interviews because Steinbrenner does not mince words. Everyone knows exactly where they stand. Here are some major points:
• Torre is safe. After he got over the Mets-Red Sox hump without the train going off the tracks, followed by the call of support from Steinbrenner, it Torre surviving the season became a foregone conclusion.
• Brian Cashman is on the proverbial hook. Over the past decade Steinbrenner has excelled in finding ways to point the finger when someone else’s decisions backfire, yet remaining quiet when his rash decisions, see Raul Mondesi, fail. This time Cashman deserves the blame, and if there was any doubt yesterday cleared everything up. If the Yanks do not make the playoffs, Cashman is out. He did not to discuss Pavano, Igawa, the bench, or any other Cashman move, he simply placed the load directly onto Cashman’s shoulders.
• In classic Steinbrenner fashion he said Jason Giambi should just shut up. I could not have put it better myself.
• Sometimes the Boss’ rationale eludes me. How has Don Mattingly showed anyone a lot? I know Steinbrenner is not on the field everyday watching him coach, and Mattingly sure did not leave a great impression during the one game he subbed for Torre. Why even stir the pot and bring up Mattingly? Saying Torre is safe for now should be enough.
• I have to criticize Steinbrenner for his Clemens comments, or lack there of. Yes, its great that you love him, but lets talk about performing for $28 million, or the family plan. Give me something. Put some responsibility on his shoulders. To me, his comments on Clemens indicate Steinbrenner was most likely more involved with the decision than we originally believed.

I hope Steinbrenner did not intend to motivate the team with his comments, since they certainly did not respond last night. For all the hoopla, we did not learn anything new here. All Steinbrenner did was confirm the speculation that Cashman is out if the team fails, and that Torre will last the season. I want to see Steinbrenner comment on Clemens if he does not come back and perform. That would be worth the price of admission.


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