Monday, May 21, 2007

The Family Plan

Verizon wireless advertises cost savings when you sign up for the family plan. Roger Clemens does not, as the Yanks found out. Two weeks after the signing, and the Clemens family arrangement, where he can essentially come and go as he pleases, continues to draw attention and controversy. Former manager Phil Garner, players on other teams like David Wells, and even the new Yankee team spokesperson Kyle Farnsworth.

Let’s end it. I am on the record as being staunchly against this arrangement, and the whole Clemens signing. But enough of the criticism from his peers. If Phil Garner has such a problem, where was he the last two years when Clemens carried his team? What about Wells, did he take the Yankees getting involved for him to finally recognize Clemens had the same contract clause for his tenure with Houston.

As for Farnsworth, I am torn. I like him standing up and telling the truth about a teammate, but at the same time, I think he should keep his mouth shut and start to perform. Farnsworth has bigger problems than if Roger Clemens hops a flight to drive his kid to day camp, such as getting some outs in a big spot for a change. Outside of coming from the wrong source, and thus being pushed aside, Farnsworth’s comments may give a deeper glimpse into the pulse of the Yankee locker room in regards to Clemens. That whole “everyone bought in and has no problem with the arrangement” is a front put up by management. I feel those Cashman and Torre put those words into the players mouths.

More than the negative thoughts about the “Clemens Clause”, as we will call it, the Yanks should be more concerned about being out of the pennant race before Clemens debuts, rendering their $28 million investment as meaningless as Kei Igawa.


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