Saturday, May 05, 2007

Injuries, Injuries

Ten different stating pitchers in thirty games. The Yanks will reach that plateau Monday when Matt DeSalvo takes the mound, the latest delivery from the Scranton Shuttle. Rookie Darrell Rasner starts Sunday, though he pitched earlier this season, its still another rookie starter for a team full of superstars. I think we have reached the point where it’s a moral victory to just get through each start healthy, pitching well is a bonus. DeSalvo’s AAA numbers are dominant in 2007, and Rasner has already proven he can hold his own in the majors with his solid spring, and brief stints late last year and earlier this season.

For those still holding out hope, its time to mark the Carl Pavano signing down as an F on the scorecard, and throw on the list of biggest free-agent busts in Yankee history. Ironically he missed his flight and scheduled appointment with Dr. Andrews. Another chapter of infamy in his Yankee career. All indications are Tommy John surgery, and 12-18 months of rehab will end his Yankee career. I don’t think he is lying about the injuries, as many have alluded to, since there is medical evidence for each of his ailments, sans the buttocks problem. But whether its coincidence, bad luck, or Pavano is just more susceptible to injury, and has missed more starts than any pitcher I can remember, this side of Wood and Prior. We can’t kill Cashman on this, since I, like many, favored the Pavano signing. Sometimes you are just flat wrong. This is one case.

It looks like Johnny Damon is catching Pavano-itis. He was in pain after his last swing of the night, and it was not the same pain those that watched the game had to endure. Damon already endured calf and back problems this month, and struggled through the end of last year. This is another example of why its not smart to sign aging to superstars to big contracts. Though my idea of starting last season with Bubba Crosby in center was probably not a great idea, Damon’s contract may look bad if he can’t stay on the field. The team needs to cut its losses and DL Damon to see if rest can heal him, or start making contingency plans.

Derek Jeter’s 20-game hitting streak ended last night.


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