Friday, June 29, 2007

Pray for Rain

The Yanks miserable 9 game road trip finally ended on a positive note. It is a sad state of affairs when a rain suspended game ends is a good thing. After going 1-7 against three lesser opponents, two of which are among the worst teams in baseball, not losing is a step forward.

Reminiscent of their early season woes, the very moment the Yanks start to hit, the pitching gives out. Staked to an early lead, Chien-Ming Wang gave it away twice, hitting a wall in the seventh, similar to Clemens in the sixth a night earlier. Thankfully, after a long rain delay, the captain came threw as the rain continued to come down, with a two-run single, en route to a four-run eight, before the game was suspended with two outs with the Yanks up 8-6.

First off, NY is lucky. Thanks to a rule change this season, the game will be continued from the current 8-6 score on July 27th, when the Yanks return the Baltimore. Under the old system, the game ends, reverting to the last completed inning, and the Orioles win 6-4. Thanks to the rules committee.

Last night’s late inning spurt has to carryover to this weekend. There is no choice. The Yanks are in such a deep hole, they can not afford any more prolonged losing streaks. There is no room for error. It is a lot to ask for another 9 out of 10 spurt right now, but they need to get the ship righted and move in the right direction. Just like we said three or four weeks ago, start with a win, then focus on winning series. At some point I think they need to reel off another prolonged win streak to catch the Central teams in the wild card. First, a win would be nice.

Off the field, the pot is stirring again. Cashman is quoted as saying nobody is safe, in regards to Torre’s job status. Do not look too deep into these comments. Cashman, who knows better than anyone, is stating the obvious, if the team fails, everyone is on the hot seat. Nobody is will be fired during the season. It would have happened in May. Besides, Cashman should and will be the first to go. Torre has no choice but to play Abreu and Damon, cards that Cashman dealt him, and the lack of replacements he provided.

Almost one month to the day after starting what appeared to be a season turnaround, the Yanks need to do it again, then work on sustaining it. This time, don’t look for Bobby Abreu to hit .400 for any prolonged period of time.

...Imagine, the Red Sox got swept in Seattle, yet nobody noticed. It did not even matter, the Yankees are so dead right now.


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